Social Networking

Bottom line. Social networking helps with SEO.

Social networking is an online network where your business can connect with your customers (and potential customers) delivering useful and authentic information. Our approach to social networking places emphasis on building relationships and actively participating within your networks. You will soon find customers’ engaging in Q&A’s, leaving testimonials, commenting on published research, sharing their findings with friends and promoting your business, hence building your brand recognition. BottomLine will work with you to set up appropriate social networking sites relevant to your industry. We include emphasis on links, appropriate tagging, social bookmarking and monitor restriction as to how your customers can publish content about your business.

Increase exposure on Search Engine Results Pages or  “SERPs”
In addition to having content from your site rank, you can get content from social networks that point to your content to rank. You may not be a photographer or videographer, but your business can still have a presence on these sites.

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