Search Engine Optimization
BottomLine uses proven processes to improve the volume of traffic to your website from search engines organically. We use extensive metadata best practices, fresh content and external social media sites to increase your natural search engine rankings.

Keywords are used for both paid search marketing and “natural” or “organic” search marketing. Targeting the right keywords is essential to successful online marketing. Efforts put in to optimize your website for top rankings on search engines will not be effective if the targeted keyword(s) are not right for your industry based on competition and relevance. We will work with you to determine your keyword(s) selection and execute your SEO efforts utilizing the following steps within your site:

  • Extensive metadata analysis of existing site
  • Keyword selection and ranking by search volume
  • Implement metadata including (Title, Description, Keywords and Alt tags) on all pages within your site.
  • Refresh site content to include core keywords, when appropriate
  • Build inbound links from other trusted sites including blogs and social media networks
  • Submit site map to search engine directories to crawl and rank your site
  • Submit URLs to search engine directories for search engine ranking

For additional information or to launch your campaign please call our sales division at 626.833.5015 or e-mail,

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