Online Demographic and Geographic Targeting

BottomLine’s Targeted Approach.

BottomLine manages placement on all major search engines including Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google. Your ads will target your customers based on the search term – keyword or phrase. Your campaigns are managed on search and content networks you have approved and each search term’s bid, position and keyword type is specified. We understands each search network has its own parameters, including quality score and search traffic and will optimize each campaign to its maximum potential.

Geographic Targeting (Search and Content Networks):

Geo-targeting lets you target your ads to specific locations (domestic and international) and in multiple languages. For each online marketing campaign, you can select the countries or regions and the languages for your ads. Your campaign’s ads will appear only to potential clients/customers located in those areas and who have selected one of those languages as their preferences.

Demographic Targeting (Content Networks):

Demographic bidding enables you to exclude certain groups of users from seeing your ad. Suppose you have a boutique that sells only women’s clothes. In that case, you might like to keep your ad from being shown to men whenever possible.  However, a women’s clothing store may have many customers who are men buying gifts. We will work with you to help decipher the right demographic audience so you don’t exclude potentially useful customers.

Suppose you sell a product/service for adult men, and you’d like to keep your ad from appearing to men under the age of 21.  We can demographically target your online advertising by age or gender in most cases.

Contextual Targeting (Content Networks):

Contextual targeting is an extension of search advertising. Google continually scans the millions of pages from the content network to look for relevant matches with your keywords and other campaign data. When we find a match, your ad becomes eligible to run on that page. Google’s extensive web search and linguistic processing technology can decipher the meaning of virtually any content network page to ensure we are showing the most relevant ads to maximize your marketing spend.

– Courtesy of Google

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