Content Networks

Microsoft Ad Network:

Microsoft Media Network is a premium ad network of top-ranked commercial sites, which now gets you in front of an even larger audience with the addition of such high-traffic sites as Facebook, Digg, Zune, and Windows Live Sharing, just to name a few. Their ad network is broad, giving you a way to connect with audiences either on a targeted or a performance basis, for excellent reach on a network you can trust.

– Courtesy of MSN Advertising

Google Content Network

The Google content network reaches 80% of global internet users — making it the world’s #1 ad network. Thousands of advertisers use Google to reach users on hundreds of thousands of web sites across all industries, from large, well-known sites to niche sites and audiences. With an audience larger than any other ad network or single web property (even, on the Google content network your message will reach more of your target audience, in more places, more often.

– Courtesy of Google Content Network

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