Online Media Room
BottomLine recommends a dynamic “Online Media Room”.  Not only should your OMR be used for journalists, writers and PR, but your buyers are also looking at this section of your website. Effective OMRs can move your buyers through the “process” of educating themselves about your services and better understanding your background and forté. We will work with you to determine how your OMR fits into your overall marketing and PR plan. We will reach your targeted demographics through videos, photos, and testimonials. Press releases and headlines should be within the content (HTML) of your site with print-friendly formats and a search function for user-ease. An active calendar is also a great tool for your business to announce appearances, conferences and tradeshows – even specials. Links within your calendar, press releases, videos, photos and such, to and from your social networking sites, will cohesively drive traffic to and from your website increasing your search engine rankings and more importantly, your customer reach.

In the PR world yesterday’s news is old news and tomorrow’s news is today’s news. Your content needs to be fresh and updated in a timely manner. Other parts of the sites may be controlled by your webmaster and may be static however, we recommend your OMR be managed internally through a CMS, or content management system. By controlling the content internally announcements, can be edited, deleted or changed on time through a simple web-interface that looks similar to Microsoft Word without the programming and coding knowledge of your IT department.

Press Releases, Today’s News Releases
The first thing that comes to mind with the word “Press Release” is mainstream media – newspapers, magazines and industry publications. In today’s market, the new Press Release is a “News Release”. Your buyers and target audience are your readers. Speak to them. The Internet has changed the way press releases are distributed into the media and onto your buyers screen through RSS feeds, and online news services. Mainstream media is very important and should be an intricate part of your overall communication marketing strategy, but news releases have multiple benefits to your business. BottomLine will work with your business to determine an editorial calendar to distribute regular news releases. Our experienced copywriters will create content that appeals to your buyers and is visible to search engines for indexing. Our content process includes outlining your target audience and determining profiles within the specified audience so the content reflects your buyers needs and offers value to the reader. BottomLine offers both copywriting and distribution services depending on the clients involvement. If your business prefers to supply us with the news releases we will optimize the release with appropriate social media tags and receive client approval before distributing online.

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