BottomLine announces Google Qualification Status for 2012

5 12 2011

Google Advertising Professionals Company

BottomLine Google AdWords Certifified Expert

BottomLine has satisfied the program requirements and gained status as a Qualified Individual in the Google Advertising Professionals Program.

Google’s Search Engine Marketing has changed with the rising demands of users on Google. In the past year Google has made large strides in their advertising platform to keep up with the rising demands of mobile devices, how users click on an ad (location, phone and product extensions – just to name a few) and even where the paid placements appear; above the fold, below the fold and to the right hand-side, testing above and below Google Places listings.

The most recent comes with the announcement of Google+ for businesses. Now you can link your Google+ for Business Page as a social extension with Google PPC ads. Still not sold? Google allows you to target your customers, when you want, where you want, even what time of day you want! “We are excited to continue to offer our clients Google Pay-Per-Click, and the new features the platform offers.” – Michelle Parenti



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