SEO for Press/News Releases

23 04 2010

This is the 2nd part of BL’s tips to optimize your press/news releases. The last post focused on keyword selection and topic selection for your release.

1. Length of release: 400 – 600 words.

2. Linking: 1 link per 100 words (on average) recommended.

  • Your company name linked to your Home Page (Brand Recognition)
  • A Broad version of your main key phrase linked to your Home Page
  • Targeted key phrase linked to interior page
  • Targeted key phrase linked to interior page –LSI words!
  • Fully qualified URL to your website example:

3. Metadata

  • Title Tags
  • Header Description
  • Body Copy
  • Text Backlinks are valuable – control the anchor text

4. Syndication: 1 News/Press Release recommended a month (minimum). Don’t say the same thing differently. Unique content is key to a successful PR/SEO campaign. Don’t rehash the same topic. PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION to submission categories. Call BottomLine today to set up your media schedule today, 626.833.5015.



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