Keyword Selection for Press/News Releases

23 04 2010

BL just finished a webinar regarding online marketing. Thank you To sum up the 60 minutes we have outlined the best tips and facts to help our clients with their next press/news release. For the purposes of this post we are going to focus on your news releases for SEO purposes vs. a public relations effort. The issue isn’t black and white, as we recommend all releases be optimized to their max potential.

Goal = Keyword = Release Topic (Old public relation efforts included starting with the topic).

1. Goal: It’s sounds so cliche to say what is your goal, but writing effectively is essential to starting with a goal. Craft the release to fit the goal.

2. Keywords: Choose well targeted key phrases for specific SEO efforts, not broad overused terms. (See BottomLine Online Tools for keyword tools that are free).  Key Phrase Profitability = High Traffic, Low Index Competition, Market Viability, and accessible top 10 keyword(s)/phrases.

3. Release Topic: Decide how to frame your effort in a way that matches your goals. Solve your customers problems/needs. Get in the mind of your customers, what are their pain points? How do you solve THEIR problem or serve THEIR needs?

4. Supporting Keywords or LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing: Choose one or two semantically related words in your summary tag AND in the first sentence of your body copy, than write naturally!

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